Saturday, May 19, 2007

30 Years Ago Today...

Today is our youngest's 30th birthday. I remember so
clearly when she turned 13 and the realization hit
that I had three teenagers all at one time. It should
have been a bit of a rough ride, but God was so
gracious to us, and our teens were very easy on their
parents. Three teens all at once. Hmmmnn. Then it
was three young adults in their twenties, and now
today, it is three mature adults in their thirties and
three whole families besides. My stars and bars, as
my mother would say. Is it really possible?

But today she is 30. The girl I dreamed of having,
the perfect daughter, the true friend, the one who has
supported me as much as I've supported her. The one
who has given me two of my grandchildren and is about
to have another. The daughter who never asks, who
never complains, who loves her parents, her brothers,
their wives, their children and her entire family with
utter and complete devotion. The one we call Annie,
her Daddy's girl, and her mother's heart.

Happy birthday to the desire of my heart,


Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Penny

This photo was taken when Penny was only seven. She and I were going on a trip to Pantages to see the Wizard of Oz!

Today a Grandma's Girl is 12. Twelve is a significant year in a girl's life. It's when she decides what's important to her in life and when she will discover much about life. She'll probably begin to have some political views, she'll wonder about the mysteries in life, like how an eagle flies, or how God designed us to be different from one another. She'll think about boys and she'll develop very deep friendships with her girlfriends that, if she's very careful, will influence her in positive ways that will last and sustain her throughout her lifetime. She'll discover that friendships with boys really don't last, because girls are so much more mature than boys during these next few years of her life. She will learn that she is very unique to her Mom, her Dad, her Grandma, her brother, and her girlfriends. That her individuality is what will help her take a stand when she believes something isn't right; and her uniqueness may cause her to clash with others now and then. But this uniqueness is part of who she is and what God has been shaping from the moment she was born.

Yes, my little Penny will grow up this year. And this Grandma is standing in Penny's balcony, ready to cheer her on, and watch her become the unique and lovely young woman that God has been making plans for from before she was even conceived. My prayer is that Penny will take the Lord Jesus with her wherever she goes as she stretches those wings and begins to fly.

I love you sweet girl,
Grandma (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

"For some time she stood looking about her, her heart leaping and thrilling with a growing joy which was beyond her understanding and a peace indescribably sweet which seemed to enfold her." --Much-Afraid, Hinds Feet on High Places

This was a moment indeed, when I knew my family was complete, and that God would take care of my little ones and all was right with my world. And to this day, all is right with my world because of what He has done in and through all of our lives. Thank you all for blessing my life with so much love. I love being your Mom more than anything in this world.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Challenge: What Bible character would you like to meet and why?

Hanauma Bay, HA July '06

I once journaled about Bible characters I would like to meet and what I would ask them if I could talk with them. Who would you like to meet?

First, I would love to know how MARY would tell the story of Jesus' birth and His childhood as well as her life with Joseph--was her marriage sweeter because Jesus was her child? When she "pondered these things in heart" did she feel as I do when I stand in awe and wonder at how good God has been to me by giving me each of my wonderful children?
And ESTHER. What was it like when she went before the king? Did her heart nearly leap out of her chest with fear?
EVE. How many children did you eventually deliver? Did you lose any children because of the Fall? And did you know God had a Son, Jesus?
MARY and MARTHA? Were you really just like me when I'm too busy to serve the Lord, and when I sometimes PREFER to be busy? Or are you just like me when I finally give in and worship the Lord Jesus? Or when I do something kind and sacrificial for someone else? Were you surprised by joy as C.S. Lewis wrote about?
THOMAS. When you felt the hands and feet of Jesus did you cry?
And Stephen. When you were martyred, did you only see Jesus? Did you feel inutterable unspeakable pain or did you know that He was right there beside you as you drew your last breath? Did you know instant peace and joy--could you see Him standing at the right hand of God reaching out to take you to the throne of God?
Blessings to you this evening, Family!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What a Beautiful Wedding Day...

Our Corie was married Saturday to Justin Gleason and it was a beautiful wedding. Almost the whole family was there and also most of Justin's immediate family. It was sweet to see the beginnings of the blending of two families, two lives, two hearts, two loves. The most wonderful part of the day for me was how many hands helped to make this happen, out of nothing but love for Corie. Truly, the cousins in this family have a bond. They hear the words "wedding" and run to make it happen and start the party planning and buy airline tickets--they hear the words "baby coming" and we're off to plan the shower and share the maternity clothes and baby furniture! What a family!
And the ceremony was touched by sweetness. Fred with his choking up over the history in the church, our own wedding, Bobby and I being on the cradle roll there, the other family weddings there, and also the service for Andy. And Grampy and Grammy, still committed, still faithful to CCC. It makes me think of the passages of time and how precious life is. I loved the ringing of the church does something to me. I remember asking the wedding coordinator on July 3, 1970, if I could have the church bells ring after our ceremony at 8:00 p.m. that evening. Surely the neighbors wondered what was going on "up at the church" that night! It means so much to me.
I just want to say thank you to Judy W., Judi F., Holly S., Mandy B., Jimbo, Freddy, Charif, Fred, and everyone else who worked so hard to make Corie's wedding so special. And for those who just pitched in and worked the reception, Annie, Charif, Katie, Xenia, Terri O. I probably missed someone--but you know who you are. These are a few of my favorite pictures from the wedding. More posts coming on this one, for sure!