Friday, December 15, 2006

The Lion King

On Tuesday night we got to take our eldest grandkids, Penny and Daniel, to Hollywood to see The Lion King production/musical! What a great time we had. We had dinner at a restaurant called (you guessed it!) Hollywood and Vine... The kids were soooooo well mannered, said thank at all the appropriate times, were happy, and absolutely LOVED the musical. Daniel hadn't been to a big production before so it was really fun for him. Grandpa and Grandma tolerated things well, although we aren't used to staying up so late--so the kids had to put US to bed when we got home! We actually took the subway and that was really a blast too. We're blessed to live so close to a big city for things like this from time to time! (Thanks P & D for having such a good time with G & G--let's do it again!) [I'll let you in on a little Secret: The Pantages Theater holds lots of mystery and memories for this Grandma--I had several dates when I was a teenager at that theater! But don't tell Grandpa--K?]

EmmyAnne & JudiAnne - Side by Side

Emmy & Annie

It is impossible to describe what it feels like to see and hold and love your children's children. When I look in the little face of Emmy's, my heart doesn't just see that beautiful child, it sees a little deeper. It seems as though I'm looking into the face of my own baby girl and it fills my heart with such awe and wonder that can't be explained. The closest thing I can come to telling what happens in my heart at these moments, is to paraphrase a Scripture passage that describes another Mother,
"And Mary kept these things hidden in her heart, to treasure them, ponder them, and bring them to mind when the future seemed uncertain, and all that she felt and believed about this infant child completely filled her heart with love and absolute wonder."
My heart too, is filled with wonder, and indescribable love and joy.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandson!

Mr. Magee with his Pop-Pop
Helping Grandma wash dishes...
The stance: following in Daddy's footsteps!
This is Jonathan. He is three years old today. I was there when his mommy brought him into this world. She struggled so and he had a bit of a rough start spending five days in a NICU and we prayed that God would keep his little life and he would grow and be strong and be a blessing to everyone he would meet along this road called life. God has answered our prayers beyond anything we could ask or think. This little boy has brought more joy than we could have imagined--to his parents, his grandparents, his aunts and uncles, his cousins, and it seems to the whole little community where he lives. He's loaded with personality, physical strength, he's funny, he has the most beautiful eyes, he's very smart and talked early, and says the funniest things. When he and I were washing dishes at my sink in October, we were very busy, but in the middle of it, he just said, "I love you Grandma." So JOnathan, all boy, athletic little guy, busy, rough and tumble, has melted and stolen this Grandma's heart.
Happy Birthday little guy--better check your mailbox! Love, Grandma