Friday, June 05, 2009

Sentimental Journey

Scrapbooking's sentimental enough, but these photos are too wonderful not to post on the blog! I'ts when Tim and his family came to visit from Washington and just before they moved to Alaska. There is some pretty interesting body language going on! Thank goodness Ken and Judi had a capture some of our family history moments!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

After the Break-in and Sacred Echoes

My precious daughter and the bunks we slept in way back when at Pine Summit!
The trees at Pine Summit--Quiet time at camp--Listening to Sacred Echoes
The rubble...

I haven't blogged anywhere near the fun and special times I like to record (can't get to scrapbooking so blogging is the next best thing!). Have had so many wonderful things going on this (past!) Spring! Like recently going to Women's Retreat at our church with the author Margaret Feinberg who wrote "Sacred Echoees." She was wonderful. And it was so special because Annie and I went together. It was at Pine Summit where we have such fond memories from Family Camps long ago--we even stayed in our very same Alpine Lodge room at Family Camp in 1982! There were birthdays, the trip to Alaska, and time with friends and family. God is so good--and like the song says--All the time!

On Monday we were robbed--a long story of course, but the violation just seems to continue--a few minutes go I discovered that in the "bad guys" rush to grab all that they could stuff into pillowcases, they grabbed up the right shoe of my black sandals I wear to work every day. A small thing? Of course it is--problem is I've had an ingrown toenail bothering me for several weeks and can't wear closed shoes--so I had to change clothes to go with my other open-toed shoes! But God has given us both peace despite the losses, and the hassle, and the violation. In fact, I find it almost humorous that on Monday night, exhausted after the police left, we just shoved the rubble aside in our bedroom, slid the mattress back onto the bed and collapsed falling asleep almost immediately. I can't say we slept well, but the mess didn't bother me a bit.

There are endless lessons in something like this, and once it's all sorted out, I hope to obey that still, small voice inside--the Sacred Echoes I'm so thankful for.

Here's a photo of Annie and I, and shots of some of our "rubble." Thanks to my sweet family who have called to check in often, Bob and Judy, Freddy, Annie, Isaac--you know what you mean to me. Continue to pray for us, I'm leaving for work in a while and it makes me a bit nervous. And also pray about the paperwork. Fred has been amazing and I am so thankful for him. He's laying people to rest today, back and forth between the hospital and church and needs our support and prayers too.

Love to my LOVES!