Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy birthday Annie!

What a happy little girl!
Always her Mama's girl!
Today is your birthday and my heart longs to be with you. So much of what we mean to each other goes unsaid, not because we're shy, but because it doesn't need to be said, we already understand one another's thoughts! Today, it goes without saying, I love you, I wish I were there to give you a hug and kiss and to ease your load, and to remind you of all that you mean to me! God gave me a daughter when he knew the desire of my heart. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl, woman, mother of three, and daughter, to me!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grandma's Girl...

Penny is 13 today! I can't believe it--what a sweet girl she is. Her parents have prepared her for her teens and they gave her a fun party today with all her little girlfriends. I watched her be so caring to some of the little girls who were younger than the others and those who didn't know some of the others. Just like when she was "3" and upon opening a 2nd Cinderella video tape, she beamed and exclaimed with utter gratefulness of heart, "now I have two!", today I again watched her grateful spirit at work with her friends. Yes, I believe she is prepared and my heart prays that God will be her counselor and friend as she grows and matures over these next crucial and exciting years of her life. She is my first grandchild and will always have that special place in my and her Grandpa's heart. True to form, he took her out for a special Grandpa date last night--he told her he was looking for a 12-year old--no thirteen year olds allowed! So cute! If you're listening or happen by Penny, I am so proud of you and I'm praying for you and love you so much Grandma's girl!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Mother's Day is a special moment in what is a year rapidly getting away from us with all of its cares and activities. A moment when I think about the three who are busy raising my grandchildren and I would take away all stress from them if I only could...but watching them I am immediately transported to when I was busy raising my own little ones. Now I long to run back a video tape if only there were such a replay. I spend my spare moments pouring over and studying the faded and poor photos that I have and my heart thrills at every pose and what is captured there.

On this day, I think also of my own mother. Time is stealing her away from us and I must be so thankful for what a good mother she has been to me. Fred and I talked today about how we miss Rueben and we realized that when my folks go, it's going to be hard for our kids--and yet we have been preparing our hearts for the loss that is sure to come.

I recently came across a list of customs I had written down that I'd like to leave to my children and grandchildren--it seems appropriate today to share these with you:

-Church attendance for a reason--because I love the Lord and want to know Him better.
-Extended family get-togethers for happy and sad occasions
-Dinners together around the table
-Pic-nics in a park
-4th of July Fireworks
-Opening Christmas gifts on Christmas morning and Candy Cane Lane
-New Years' resolutions
-Prayers before bed-time
-Cinnamon roles and homemade ice cream
-Scary stories and poetry ("And the Goblins' 'ill get you if you don't watch out!")
-Climbing Mount Whitney
-Daddy's taking daughters on "dates"
-Having apples and pop-corn on TV nights
-Having people over for dinner or dessert after church
-Trick or Treating
-Homemade Chili soup
-Easter egg hunts
-Road trips
-Beach bbq
-Story time, sitting around telling stories!
-Hosing down the driveway
-Singing around the piano

Happy Mother's Day to my girls...and my love to All the Loves of My Life!