Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm filled with love for each and every one of you, all the loves of my life.

As I reflect on Valentine's Day, I remember that despite my happy childhood, I sought approval from others, always fearful of not being liked or that someone would be "mad at me." I was often sad on Valentine's Day because I was never popular at school, so I would be one that was left out of receiving Valentine's. Sometimes my feelings would be very hurt. I distinctly remember that it was very painful at elementary school age--when I was first aware of it. And sometimes I didn't have Valentine's to give away because my mother didn't want to buy them, or we didn't have supplies to make them. Or I would forget to have them ready in time for school. But later on in life, I would receive many special Valentine's from girlfriends, boyfriends, my family, and grandparents. But the the most special Valentine's have been from my husband who NEVER forgets and has given me a lifetime of romance and flowers and beautiful Valentine's and loving words. As recent as yesterday on his blog, and today before leaving for work!

I am so thankful that God has given me love--first that He loved me, I received His gift of salvation, and then He blessed my life with each and every one of you. Happy Valentine's Day Loves!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Little Boys and Nephews

Robby Isaac
Through their clubby confidences and shared secrets, through the time they spend alone and the knowledge they gain, cousins learn to cooperate and get along together. They discover the meaning of loyalty, and master skills in defending one another against the outside even in the midst of their own vicious battles. They cultivate their ability to have fun, to laugh and make jokes. They gain their first experiences in knowing themselves as individuals but also as persons connected to others. In short, they learn what it means to be "we" and not just "I."
These are the little boys that came into our world, one by one, beginning with Freddy in 1971. These are the grandsons of Tom and Amanda. Each and every one are now men. I look at this collection and wonder how it is that time has moved as it has. That three of them have families and children of their own, that we grieve the loss of one that went too soon, we fill with pride over two who serve their country, the one on his way, and one who is realizing a successful career, is hard for me to even comprehend. They live all over the country, and they all have unique and different lives. But I look into the faces of those little boys, my own and my nephews, and I know that God has a plan for each one, and that my responsibilities for praying for them are now greater than ever. Frankly, I sometimes fill with fear for their safety in a terrible world, a reality far too close, especially since Andy's passing. But today I am thinking of these boys and men, and am loving them, and praying for them to all know that life lived to the fullest is a life that trust's in the Lord above all else. I love the bond between them and their heritage they share together, and pray that they will always be close...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Like Brotha Like Sistah...

Do the Duffield "eyes" have it? I think so! Here are my little NoCal grandkids at about the same age--9 months. Don't they look alike? I hope they will grow in love for each other like the relationships I have with my siblings!