Friday, July 03, 2009

39th Anniversary

Today is our 39th wedding anniversary. Fred and I met in September of 1968. It was ALMOST love at first sight. After just a few weeks of dating, we both KNEW each was "the one." In the spring we were engaged. In the summer we were apart, I in Michigan working at Little Harbor Club for my dad's cousin "Mr. Fulton" and Fred in Phoenix working for Mrs. Stanley at the stationary store. We missed each other desperately and we have hundreds of letters to prove it. During that summer of '69 Fred bought his first car and I watched a man walk on the moon on a small black and white TV in Little Harbor, Michigan. That fall we began to prepare for marriage and we had a lovely summer wedding at my home church, Christ Community in Canoga Park, California. My twin brother in his Air Force uniform and my Daddy walked me down the aisle and my sister Judi worked her fingers to the bone to make my wedding beautiful. Our honeymoon was spent driving to the first church Fred would serve in Denver, Colorado. We had our firstborn, Freddy, while in Colorado in September of 1971 and since then have served churches in Costa Mesa, Lakeside, and Anaheim, CA, and then Oregon for 7 years, and then we made our last move to Winnetka in 1993 when Fred became the hospital chaplain at Kaiser Woodland Hills.

Our lives have been lived to the fullest, our marriage, while not perfect, has been God's perfect choice for us both. We are humbled by such amazing love and blessings. There are not words to describe how we feel about our children and grandchildren. Freddy, Isaac, Annie, their spouses are our kids, and their children--all eight of them, are so special to us.

When I think of 39 years, it feels like I could author volumes of books--at least one devoted to the life of a pastor's wife, one on marriage, one on parenting, and one on being a child of God...! But today I will think on my husband and how blessed I am to have lived 39 years with a man who loves me more today than yesterday, and more than I could have ever imagined. He never forgets, he always supports, and he always serves. Just this morning he gave me the most beautiful card and wrote the most touching sentiments he's ever given me. Sometimes having someone so loving and devoted who never forgets our special days is easy to take for granted. Today's card just moved me so deeply. All that I can add is to say how grateful I am to the Lord who alone has done this. " underserved, yet He gave to prove His love for me..."

Happy anniversary Honey!