Friday, March 23, 2007

Friends and Cousins

Penny and Vivi are cousins,
To Grandma's and Aunti's they're runnin'!
They played and they giggled,
They spinned and they fizzled,
And now they're mainly funnin'!

The girls came to my house today while Vivi is having a visit with Grampy and Grammy for the weekend. So Penny and Daniel came over for the morning so the girl cousins could play together. Now that they're 11 and almost 12, they are nearly independent and play together so nicely. Daniel and I made cookies while the girls worked on the computer and watched some kind of pre-teen contest thing on TV. Then picnic'd on peanut butter and strawberries for lunch.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

40 Years is Not so Long...

Becky and Judy in Dallas at The Gaylord
This year marks 40 years of my friendship with Judy "B." We met this past weekend in Dallas for a getaway to pause and remember, to "bolster one another up," and to set aside all of our cares and our busy lives to devote quality time to each other. When Judy had the revelation that we had "been together" for 40 years, we began to recall the milestones and the passages we have passed through over these many years. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated (happy birthday JB!), we remembered--oh yes, we also shopped! And most of all we thanked God that two young girls, aged 17 and 19, could be drawn to each other the way we were--with relatively little in common at that time--and that the bond that began almost instantaneously in 1967, could grow as it has into the strong, secure, and enduring friendship that is so special to us. We had so much fun just focusing on what was it that drew us to one another, what has kept it alive in spite of the fact we've never lived in the same town beyond college years, the parallels, the heartaches, the losses, the joys (our babies and grandchildren!), the burdens, our faith, and our utter and complete devotion to one another. We also talked about what it is that makes friendships fade away, and are so thankful that this is the one that has endured. We thanked each other for making it work--for making the sacrifices over the years to see to it that we saw each other as often as possible.
I am so thankful to the Lord for this friendship--Judy gave me a book once called "A Girlfriends Journal." One of the qualities it talks about is how you accept your friend just as she is...that is truly what we have (although I do believe we've got each other on a bit of a pedestal!) "I've always been able to count on you in time of crisis. It's like having my own personal Good Samaritan on speed dial." For now, we're on speed dial in our hearts forever. Thank you, Lord--thank you, Judy B.