Sunday, January 21, 2007


Gloria Gaither said, "If everything special and warm and happy in my formative years could have been consolidated into one word, that word would have been Christmas." Since my last blog, I've had computer problems at home and haven't been able to catch up. But Christmas happened, and New Years, and now a family emergency with "Coolskool's" surgery. And so I'll write a little and share some of our recent, and past, memories.

Would you believe that at the end of last year I journaled that I thought it would be wonderful to have a family blog. Thanks to you all, we've done that through our own links to one another's pages. I also wrote I thought it would be wonderful for each family to write a "State of the Family Union Address" that we could share together once a year when all together. So maybe we can make that a goal for next year--or the next time we're together. But the blogging has been a wonderful surprise. I thought it would be hard, but it has been such an outlet, and more than anything, a way to connect with one another on an almost daily basis. It is also a window into each of your souls--I know each of you better than I thought possible. People talk about love languages--I really believe mine is words. And so this has been an especially wonderful GIFT for me.

Our blog is another delightful surprise for 2007. I'm enjoying my daughters-in-law and my daughter spiritually more than ever before as a result. And it's keeping us accountable to a daily reading and study. We're doing great SIS!

As Christmas got closer, I thought about Andy alot. And now that February is approaching, he is on my heart and mind even more. I know that his mom and dad and brother grieve every day over their loss. And I hear his sweet refrain in my mind so often as I know you all do. And dear BE, your own loss must be ever so close to your heart as well. Please know that I remember and think of you and your family.

My grandchildren are so precious to me. And even though it was so unusual, CS and Chind have suffered a loss. And so have we. I am so thankful God is sovereign and He knows our hearts and our need. So we are comforted in that. And praise Him that CS is through her ordeal and I pray for a speedy recovery for her. How thankful I am that everything happened the way it did, before any worse injury could have happened to CS.

This year will hold so many events, trials, blessings, and changes, to be sure. Pastor Encourager was telling me the other day that we can't dwell on the past, nor worry about the future, but we can do something about today--today matters. So I'll not stress about tomorrow, but live for today, knowing Who holds the future for each of us. For my children, please know I am praying for you and all those changes and blessings that are ahead--but know too that I am so thankful you live your lives making each day matter.