Friday, May 05, 2006

Family Faces

Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people
who belong to us, we see the past,
present, and future. --Buckley

I remember when I looked into the faces of each of my newborn babies, and had the overwhelming sense of belonging. That those little persons were completely mine--and yet I also had a haunting realization that I would have to let them go one day, as indeed time has seen fit to accomplish.

And then when I looked into the face of newborn Penny, my firstborn grand-daughter, I had again an overwhelming sense of belonging, but it was different; I could see that she was very much a part of me, and yet was not completely mine. And I knew that her parents would one day be letting go of her as well.

And now we are looking once again into the face of one who belongs to us, for a time. This little infant, as perfect as she is, reflects an anscestry that represents generation upon generation, her own mother and father and, certainly, her brother, and in her face we also see the future. How amazing to know that the life she represents is a gift that will go on and on and the belonging we feel now will only multiply over time. Her precious mother was pondering this very fact just days after her birth, and how she knew that the love she felt at that moment will only increase the longer she has her to love and teach and nurture.

Isn't it beautiful that each of these little persons, although loaned to us for such a short time, have an eternity ahead and a Father in Heaven that they can never be separated from? I believe He loans us all to one another for a time. And so we are making the most of the time we have. We are redeeming the time, we are doing things that count, that matter, that make a difference, each in our own way, as God leads.

Thank you family--for allowing me to look into your faces and that you are reflecting, as a mirror, the character and greatness of our God.