Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rustication and Blogging


Years ago Fred used the word rustication in a sermon...figure it out!
BLOGGING: This year it's been hard to keep up with blogging. There have been so many things that have happened and little time to blog or really reflect even. I have the blog bug, however, and many ideas just swirl about as I get through the "have to" of my busy life, when I dream of catching the small world up with the often insignificant and sometimes monumental happenings and learnings that continue, despite my ability to document it all in this fashion. My family's prolific blogging has significantly slowed as well--often a lifeline when longing for a hug, a kiss, a call from our loved ones far away. Don't get me wrong--we have been absolutely amazed that in the first six months alone of this year we were blessed to have our entire family together--TWICE! Here in March, AND at Hume Lake in July--so no complaints! I'm not going to update all the happenings here tonight, I'm going to take it one step at a time and try to get some blogging done with pictures. If I ever DO get to scrapbooking the 21st century, recording the happenings on the blog will be somewhat of a diary that will help me remember in my old age! (Just kidding?)

So, tonight I just think I'll list the things that I wish there was time to blog about, the things on my heart that caused anxious moments, the blessings that have happened and that we look forward to in the future, and what we're learning as we live and work, and trust. FUTURE BLOGS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!

Trip to Hume Lake and Sequoia Nat'l Park with the whole family
David's surgery and subsequent possible move back to LA
Isaac's volleyball injury
Fred and Charif's evacuation from the LA fires
Our vacation on a ship in the Pacific
Mom and Dad's needs
Fred's ministry
Freddy's work at CHF
Penny and Daniel and their amazing teacher Mommy
Jonathan starts pre-school
Garrett the bear cub--Emily the little whirl
God answering prayers for Isaac's school year
Isaac and Katie expecting baby #3!
Sofia and Jolie kissing and hugging and Jolie turning "1"
Penny's height and the play she's in
Sequoia and the pipes of the organ
Fred's family and hurricanes
Annie and Dr. Young
The election, Sarah P, taxes, and our future
My work and my heart's desire
40th class reunion
Life in Thorne Bay
Providential provision
My niece and nephew both heading for Iraq
My brother Bob and answered prayer
Emily and the mall
Faith and trust and obedience